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Olson Saw Blade Chart:

View Olson's Scroll Saw Blade Selection Chart for in-depth scroll saw blade information and to compare blades (note: link will open in a new window).

Lazy Susan Mounting Instructions:

The instructions shown here are a guideline to use when mounting lazy susans.

Clock Instructions

  • Center the bottom of the lazy susan bearing onto your base (the bottom of the lazy susan has holes close to the large center hole).
  • Attach the bearing to your base using #6 x 1/2" self tapping wood screws #ST615 (B). Attach all four bottom holes.
  • Drill a hole through the lazy susan base (A) large enough to accommodate a screwdriver and screw. This hole must be aligned with the upper plate holes (C) in the top half of the bearing. If you desire, you can fill this hole with a wood plug after assembly.
  • Turn the base over and center it on the underside of the lazy susan top. Rotate the base until you can see one of the four upper plate holes (C). Using a #6 wood screw, attach this corner to the turntable top (D). Rotate the base until you can attach the next screw. Repeat until all four corners are secure.


Clock Movement Assembly Instructions:

The instructions shown here are a guideline to use when assembling your quartz clock movements.

Clock Sizes

Selecting the Proper Shaft Length:
The "threaded shaft length" is the total length of the shaft which passes through your "dial" and allows the washer and mounting nut to be attached. You will need approximately 1/8" of the threaded shaft length for the mounting hardware. The "overall shaft length" is the total shaft length - from the movement through everything to where the second hand push fits. To select the proper shaft length, carefully measure the thickness of the material the movement shaft will pass through. This is your "dial" thickness - if your "dial" is 1/2" thick, you should select the #C120 movement. If your dial is over 1/2" thick you will need the next larger size. Movement shafts fit through a 3/8" hole.


  1. A clock can be hung one of two ways - if the movement is located at the balance point of the clock you can use the Metal Hanger which attaches to the movement. Otherwise, use a separate hanger at the balance point so that the clock hangs properly.
  2. Slide the Rubber Gasket onto the movement followed by your clock face/dial. Before mounting, make sure to remove any protective plastic coating from the metal dial and hands.
  3. Place the Brass Washer over the shaft and screw on the Mounting Nut (do not over-tighten).
  4. Press the Hour Hand onto the shaft to the bottom of the white plastic portion, using steady, gentle down-pressure.
  5. Place the Minute Hand on the steel oblong tip. After you have both hands mounted, check to ensure the hands weren't bent during installation and that they will each rotate freely.
  6. If you are not using a second hand screw the Cap Nut on to the end to complete the mounting hardware. If you are using a Second Hand (sold separately), gently screw the End Nut in place and press the Second Hand onto the end in the 12:00 position.
  7. Insert a fresh 'AA' alkaline battery (not included) in the back of the movement. Note: some movements may have an on/off switch which will need to be in the "on" position to run.
  8. Set the time by turning the small knob located on the back of the movement (turn knob only in the direction of the arrow). The time can also be set by rotating the minute hand gently with your fingers (move minute hand in a clockwise direction).
  • If your clock is not working properly check that the battery is fresh, that the Mounting Nut is not too tight, that the diameter the clock shaft goes through is at least 3/8" in diameter and that there isn't any dust between the battery terminals.

Please note:
The instructions shown here are specifically for the Mini Clock Movements. Stockade's specialty clock movements are assembled in a similar manner but may have a few variations.


Clock Fit-Up Instructions:

These instructions are a guideline to use with Stockade's Clock Fit-Ups.

Time Setting:
The time setting crown is located behind the bezel at the position of 3 o'clock. To set the time, pull out the crown and turn it until the hands show the current time. Push crown back in the normal position to restart clock.

Battery Replacement:
The battery is accessible from the backside of the clock. Insert a screwdriver or blade into the case notch at the side of the back cover and open. The battery is held in position by a tiny metal plate. Move the plate sideways to remove battery. Replace with button cell #SR626SW (Ucc 377, Ray-O-Vac, RW329 or equivalent) with positive pole facing outward. Make sure that it is held securely in position by the metal plate and replace cover.


Colour Conversion Link:

View DecoArt's Colour Conversion Chart to find replacement colours for Delta Ceramcoat paints (note: link will open in a new window).


Other Americana Links:


DecoArt Metallic Paint Chart

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