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Stockade is your Woodworking, Decorative Painting & Crafting Source.

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Stockade is a family owned business that has been supplying creative people with top quality products for over 35 years. With over 5000 items to choose from, Stockade is Canada's leading supplier of products for woodworking, crafting and decorative painting. Whether you are making one item or many, Stockade prides itself on having the necessary stock on hand for your immediate needs.

Specializing in clock supplies, craft supplies, decorative painting, jewelry findings, wood cutouts, laser cut wood shapes, wood parts, woodworking supplies and creative projects.

Supplies include: Acrylic Paint, Americana Paint, Axle Pins, Beading Supplies, Beads, Bells, Biscuits, Books, Candle Holders, Cardmaking Supplies, Carving Supplies, Chalky Finish Paint, Christmas plans, Circles, Clock Dials, Fit-ups, Hands, Movements, Numbers, Clothes Pins, Crokinole Disks, Cubes, Custom laser cutting, Decorative Painting Surfaces, Displays, Doll House Supplies, Doll Making, Doll Pins, Dowel, Dowelling, Drawer Knobs, Drill Bits, Earring Findings, Eye Pins, Eyes, Fabric Paint, Finials, Folk Art, Furniture Buttons, Gears, Glass Paint, Glitter Paint, Glitter, Glue, Grapevine, Head Pins, Hearts, Hinges, Hooks, Hygrometer, Ink, Jewellery Supplies, Displays, Tools, Jo Sonja Paint, Jump Rings, Kids Crafts, Kits, Knobs, Lamps, Laser Cut Shapes, Lazy Susans, Leather, Loew Cornell, Magnets, Metal Pieces, Mini Clock Movements, Mini Quartz Clocks, Miniatures, Models, Multigrooves, Mushroom Buttons, Musicals, Necklace Chain, Necklace Cords, Olson Blades, Ovals, Paint Brushes, Paint Packets, Paper Mache Items, Patio Paints, Patterns, Peg People, Pendulum Bobs, Pendulum Clocks, Picture Hangers, Plans, Plywood, Pyrography Designs, Quilling, Rectangles, Ribbon, Royal Brush, Sanding Belts & Sleeves, Screw Eyes, Screws, Scroll Saw Blades, Shaker Pegs, Snow, Snowflakes, SoSoft Fabric Paints, Spindles, Squares, Stains, Stamping, Stars, Stencils, Stoppers, Tags, Threads, Tie Tacks, Tin, Tools, Toys and Joys Plans, Tracing Paper, Transfer Paper, Twine, Westminister Chime Clocks, Wheels, Winfield Patterns, Wings, Wire, Wood Balls, Wood Buttons, Wood Cutouts, Wood Disks, Wood Letters, Wood Plugs, Wood Shapes, Wood working, woodburning Supplies, Wooden People, Woodworking Items, Yard Art Plans, Zentangle Supplies and much more!